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Thank you for visiting us at PLMA

Acme Food Sales is a well respected, full service food importer with a focus on innovation and consumer trends that has the agility and flexibility to meet customer needs. With over 55 years experience, we supply high quality products at a fair price backed by excellent customer service.

Our business model is based on the belief that the customer is the most important part of our business. We offer a full range of food products ranging from the mainstay items to popular cutting edge items.

Our dedicated business team, including procurement, sales, packaging, distribution, quality assurance, regulatory and finance, work as an integral unit to ensure a smooth ongoing supply of products.

We showcased some of these mainstay items, as well as some new innovative items, at PLMA 2023. Below is a list of additional information for those products:

Artichokes   |   Young Green Jackfruit   |  Mushrooms   |   Pineapple   |   Vegan Condiments   |   Crespini Breadsticks

Coconut Cones   |   Coconut Cookie Rolls   |   Coconut Water   |   Mandarin Oranges   |   HOP Spaghetti    |   HOP Meals

Organic Tahini   |   Tuna   |   Whole & Cut Young Corn   |   Frozen Mango Bites & Avocado Fries   |   Fajita Mix

Below is a list of additional information for products that were sampled at the show:

Shiitake Chips   |   Crispy Coconut Puffs   |   Artisan-Style Crackers

Cream Filled Wafer Rolls   |   Organic Dried Fruit   |   Dried Fruit Snacks

Mediterranean Salads   |   Italian Cookies   |   Cantucci Cookies

Please contact us for more information about a certain product or food category: or call (800) 777-2263

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